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automatic belt type frying machine

Name:automatic belt type frying machine
Details :

Small fried production line
Equipment Description: Because puffed food in the frying process is floating, so the use of double-layer network structure. The temperature automatic control system can control the operation of the heating system to ensure the required frying temperature. The frying machine is equipped with a liquid level detection device. When the oil level is lower than the required position, it can control the charge pump to open and add frying oil to the frying machine. This product is suitable for pan, sand Qi Ma, puffed and other products such as fried.
Equipment performance:
  1) the use of double-layer belt conveyor system.
  2) Adjust the frying time through the inverter.
  3) The body of the bracket using stainless steel rectangular tube welded together.
  4) shell package board with 304 stainless steel hair plate made of stitching.
  5) mesh belt with stainless steel mesh belt, both sides of the stainless steel conveyor chain
  6) In order to reduce the heat loss, the fender's liner and the shell is filled with aluminum silicate insulation material.
  7) frying machine liner made of stainless steel hairpin stitching. After the liner was welded to the hydraulic test to ensure that the pot will not leak.
     In order to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance, the machine uses a manual upgrade mode. Stainless steel material, automatic temperature control, frying time, automatic slag removal, and can be equipped with a circulating filtration system, easy cleaning, automatic charge, with leakage protection, abnormal temperature protection and alarm, heating method can choose electric heating, diesel or natural gas heating The Bars and other safety measures to provide you with security.

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