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automatic water bubble vegetable washing machine

Name:automatic water bubble vegetable washing machine
Details :

 1, jujube cleaning machine by the vibration cloth spray cleaning device, horizontal mixed flow spray device, cross-flow spray cleaning device, cone-shaped roller cleaning device, fully open water tank composition.
 2, jujube cleaning integrated machine instead of the traditional jujube wind election, two bubble cleaning machine and brush cleaning machine, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the possession of equipment space.
 3, jujube cleaning integrated one machine is a number of patented cleaning technology:
 ① the use of uniform vibration fabrics, two-layer vibration to miscellaneous, matching spray pre-cleaning, to complete the removal and pre-cleaning.
 ② the use of cross-flow spray cleaning device using staggered hedging, suitable for floating material cleaning, to extend the cleaning path, with horizontal mixed flow spray boosting materials, the use of water transport materials, reduce material mechanical damage.
 ③ change the traditional flat roller brush cleaning red dates, the use of patented tapered hair roller flip brushing jujube cylindrical surface and up and down, to achieve a full range of cleaning effect, not the accumulation of materials.
       Jujube cleaning machine is my company's latest development of new jujube cleaning machinery, is the best choice for red dates cleaning, red dates cleaning market, a new change. Jujube cleaning machine is Shandong eight one new push jujube cleaning processing equipment, access to national patents, with the most advanced jujube cleaning technology, master red dates cleaning of the core technology.
Jujube cleaning machine my company developed with independent intellectual property rights of jujube integrated cleaning one machine, is the only red dates at home and abroad processing industry only a multi - functional integrated cleaning equipment. With the vibration cloth spray to remove the feed, horizontal mixed flow staggered spray cleaning, multi-angle rotation curve moving friction cleaning, the whole water cycle principle with the rapid disassembly mechanical structure and flip positioning structure principle, through the horizontal tank convergence modular One machine to complete the pre-jujube material to the miscellaneous cleaning treatment.
Red dates cleaning machine is a breakthrough in the traditional red dates cleaning machinery, instead of the original jujube processing jujube wind election machine, red dates bubble cleaning machine, red dates brush-type washing machine, through my company developed and developed a new jujube cleaning machinery, is at home and abroad Jujube cleaning machinery of the most high-end products, saving the use of jujube processing, water, so that red dates cleaning processing efficiency doubled to become the best choice for red dates cleaning processors.

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