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brush type fruit vegetable washing machine

Name:brush type fruit vegetable washing machine
Details :

     The body is made of 304 high quality stainless steel, in strict accordance with the national food export standards. The machine adopts the mesh sieve plate and is lifted by the net belt. The equipment is tumbled through the air pump and the equipment is tumbled, the high pressure water is washed and the robot is assisted. Impurities, water filtration cycle, a smooth operation of equipment, water conservation and other characteristics.
Equipment size and technical parameters:
1, conveyor belt speed: manual speed
2, conveyor belt, tank body: 304 stainless steel
  3, power: 380v / 50Hz
  4, variable frequency transmission motor: 0.55kw
  5, the robot motor power: 0.37kw
6, whirlpool bubble pump: 4kw
  7, circulating pump: 7.5kw
  8, the whole power: ≈12.5kw
  9, Dimensions: 6000 * 900 * 1300mm
Equipment details:
  1, the equipment must be equipped with 4kw whirlpool pump, through the trachea products will be rolling in the water, constantly rolling to enhance the effect of cleaning.
  2, due to the characteristics of the product, kelp after water immersion, the surface of the seaweed will appear mucus, the mucus will be wrapped in the inside of the sediment, it is difficult to clean up, it must be washed with high pressure water, so as to better achieve the cleaning effect.
  3, due to the use of high pressure pump, so the need to use pressure SUS304 water pipe.
  4, due to the characteristics of kelp slender, in the tank is not conducive to the front line, there will be material accumulation phenomenon, so the need to use the robot auxiliary materials forward, the robot with a special design, the robot will lead the way forward, The robot will not bring back the material when it comes back.
  5, the tank is equipped with overflow filter device, the floating impurities after the filter through the nozzle re-injected into the tank, to save the cycle effect.
  6, due to cleaning the water with sediment, through the pump cycle, the need to use a large nozzle removable nozzle.
  7, in the material out of the material, the need to use the upper and lower water on both sides of the second cleaning, so as to better achieve the cleaning effect.
  8, the equipment used for a long time, some impurities will be attached to the inside of the tank, it is difficult to clean, it must use mesh screen design. Can be out of the sieve plate, the promotion of the use of slide design, can be raised as a whole, easy to clean the inner slot.
  9, the groove inside the Vientiane steering wheel, to facilitate the movement of equipment.

Technical Parameters:


Dimensions  mm

 Power supply


 Processing capacity(kg/h)








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