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 Air Bubble Washing Machine for Vegetables

Name: Air Bubble Washing Machine for Vegetables
Details :

Equipment Description: This equipment is my company based on frying equipment evolved out of the excellent pre-boiled equipment. The pre-cooker uses a steam heating system. High thermal efficiency, can fully meet the large volume, continuous production requirements. The use of the form of elliptical heating tube, both to ensure a sufficient heat exchange area can be opened from the tube, a great convenience to the cleaning, cleaning the work needs. In the discharge side with a special inclined discharge belt, its normal belt speed than the main network about 18 times higher, and can be adjusted through the inverter to meet the requirements of the next process. Optional mixing system. In order to make the product in the heating process can flip evenly heated. Mixing time, interval can be adjusted through the control system, and the other can be used according to customer demand for other heat sources.
Equipment performance:
1, mesh belt can be installed to achieve the role of flip material.
2, cooker and internal parts made of 304 stainless steel.
3, the main frame of the machine made of industrial stainless steel square tube.
4, the transmission part of the frequency conversion motor, reducer, frequency control.
5, in order to facilitate the inside of the cleaning pot, mesh belt and hood together to a certain height.
6, the pot is equipped with six groups of steam heating coil, water temperature automatic control, the initial heating, the six groups of heaters at the same time to work
It quickly reached the working state. To reach the boiling point, you can turn off the 2-4 group heating heaters, saving energy.
7, pre-cooking process will produce a lot of water vapor, equipped with a set of hood, the user can be equipped with chimney and fan to the steam out to the outside.
Equipment technical parameters:
-Technical Parameters:
- Model: BYYZ - 9200
- Dimensions: 9200 × 2000 × 2240mm
- Effective cook area: 8200 × 1500 × 320mm
- heat source pressure: 3-4kg
- Electric power: 11kw

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