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Tomato Sauce Nozzle Bag Pasteurization Machine

Name:Tomato Sauce Nozzle Bag Pasteurization Machine
Details :

    Continuous spray sterilizer is designed for dairy, fruit juice, beverages, beer, food, medicine and other products after filling or packaging pasteurization equipment, is the material through sterilization, cooling to achieve the desired shelf life of the ideal equipment, In particular, the automatic production line necessary secondary sterilization equipment. According to the user of different products of heating, sterilization, insulation, cooling the different process requirements, different process design to meet the technical requirements, according to user requirements, configure the corresponding high-precision automatic control system.

Continuous Spray Sterilizer Category:
1, automatic spray sterilizer: the use of advanced PLC automatic computer program control, you can set the process requirements, the entire process of production and production control.
2, semi-automatic spray sterilizer: the operation of the whole process is the use of semi-automatic control. The operator can control the pump, valve and return function from the control panel. The PID (temperature control) is used to maintain the sterilization temperature. The change of the sterilization temperature is accurately recorded on the recorder.

Characteristics of continuous spray sterilizer
1, the equipment rack all stainless steel production, the overall structure of compact, beautiful appearance;
2, high-quality plastic mesh with chain plate, long-term work at high temperatures (≯ 98), short-term high temperature 104 ℃;
3, solid cone wide angle nozzle, the flow distribution is uniform and stable, the temperature field is constant;
4, a variety of energy heat recovery technology comprehensive utilization, energy saving, environmental protection;
5, the temperature sensor Pt100, high precision, up to ± 0.5 ℃;
6, multi-process portfolio, the process is reasonable, can handle a variety of materials;
7, sterilization temperature using PLC touch screen control.
8, the total processing time frequency control, according to the production process adjustment;
9, the packaging is non-circular PP bottles, plastic bags, roof cartons, glass bottles, cans and other products equipped with automatic access to the material, and automated transmission production line connection smooth transition;

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