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Automatic Fruit And Vegetable Bubble Washer

Name:Automatic Fruit And Vegetable Bubble Washer
Details :
1) vegetable cleaning line
    Shandong Bayi Food Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. is a mechanical manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture and trade of food machinery and equipment. It specializes in the production of fruit processing equipment, vegetable processing equipment, canned food processing equipment, suitable for all kinds of fruit deep processing enterprises , Fruit juice, beverages, fruit processing enterprises, deep processing of vegetables enterprises, quick-frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, clean vegetables processing, no-food distribution, canned processing and other enterprises. Strong technical force, advanced equipment assembly, management system science, sincerely welcome customers to negotiate business.
    Leaf vegetables cleaning production line is mainly applied to the pre-treatment of vegetables, provided by the Shandong Ruifan, bubble cleaning, hair to miscellaneous cleaning, centrifugal drying machine and other components, suitable for lettuce, cabbage, leeks, parsley, spinach, bitter , Chrysanthemum, rape, oil, vegetables, water spinach and other vegetables cleaning, drying, a vegetable distribution, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables the best choice.
    The production line is the pre-treatment equipment for leafy vegetables, the main process is: vegetable selection transport - bubble cleaning - secondary bubble cleaning machine - hair to the miscellaneous machine - conveyor belt - centrifugal drying machine.
    Ye vegetables vegetable processing production line is the pre-treatment process of vegetables, according to different processing technology, increase the corresponding equipment to complete the quick-frozen vegetables, fresh cut vegetables, vegetable distribution, dehydrated vegetable processing production line.
Product Name: Vegetable Vegetable Processing Production Line
    1, a full set of equipment made of high quality stainless steel, safety and health.
    2, vegetable processing production line using the most advanced design principles, suitable for a variety of leafy vegetables, cleaning, drying and other processes.
    3, high production efficiency.
    4, a high degree of automation.
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